Project Name: Atlanta Web Website

Project Roll: Project Manager and Content Editor



In this project, the project team and I were asked to design a responsive site that is in tune with the clients brand and up-to-date in regards to current technology and trends. One of my first goals as project manager, was to research responsive design and how it applies to the various target destinations of the application. The clients goal was to make the final web solution to be responsive across various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, iwatch devices, and various browsers. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Explorer)

Atlanta Web Guru website project

Atlanta web guru website project: Screenshot #1

The next step in the web design process, was to work with the Sr. Developer to create and design the wireframes for the new web solution. After a process of hiring a graphic designer to produce prototype designs for the client, the project team and I, along with the Sr. Developer, reviewed these prototypes, and selected three of the top designs to present to our client. Once the Sr. Developer and I sat down with the client, we presented three designs as potential solutions for the client. The client chose this particular design, and afterwards, the project team and I moved towards the programming phase, which was the next milestone.

Screenshot# 2

Atlanta web guru website project: Screenshot# 2

During the coding and programing phase of this project, the Sr. Developer and I along with the graphic design team implemented various programing aspects to the selected wireframe design. Using HTML, Javascript, CSS and PHP, the team created the final website that featured enhanced functionality such as multi-functional text boxes and dynamic text, High quality custom images, HD video backgrounds, a custom contact form, custom copy, customized icons, a custom location footer using Google Maps, and scrolling sidebar navigation.


The final website solution was delivered to the client after careful testing across multi-browser and multi-device platforms. This solution also involved a process of content migration, where we transferred the content from the clients previous website into the new solution. We developed the new web solution on the WordPress CMS, so naturally the client wanted training on this platform as a deliverable, in which the project team and I coordinated and provided. The client also wanted a hosting solution, which the project team and I set up through a private company, and the client wanted a short-term web maintenance package, that we provided for an additional three years.